Independent and Accessible Advocacy made simple

Central Advocacy Partners provide advocacy for people in Forth Valley who have a learning disability or autism.

We are a long established charity who focus on building powerful relationships with the advocacy partners we provide advocacy for.

Independent Advocacy

CAP’s generic advocacy project is here to make sure you’re heard, to strengthen your voice and to help you unpick what other organisations are saying.

We use a relationship based model of advocacy, building a positive relationship of trust and getting to know you.

We’ll help you understand reports and understand what’s going on. We don’t give advice, but we’ll help you understand the options and explain the consequences of those options. We’ll help you make your own choices and then make sure the right people hear your point of view.

The survivors advocacy project is here to help women and girls with a learning disability or autism, who live in Forth Valley and have or are experiencing domestic abuse to have their voice heard.

We will support you to regain control of your life, to build yourself back up after what may have been the darkest period in your life. We’ll be there to stand beside you, listen to and believe you, and to fight for what is right.

We can help you to find other supports in the community and how to access them.

The victim centred advocacy project helps people with a learning disability or autism, over 16, living in Falkirk, who are affected by crime.

We’ll help you to take back control over your life and feel like you have more say in it. Often people feel like they don’t have any control over things once they’ve been a victim or witness of crime.

We spend time building a relationship with you, getting to understand you and helping you to have a better relationship with the other services and professionals you are dealing with going through the court process.

If you’re worried about going to court as a witness, we can help you understand what will happen and also to make sense of things afterwards.

The transitions advocacy project provides information, self advocacy, and support to young people in Falkirk with autism, aged 12–24.

We build strengths, confidence, understanding, and improve future prospects, through group advocacy. We present workshops to help you have more positive images of autism, to develop self advocacy skills so that you can better achieve what you want and about transitions, so that you can get more out of the changes in your life. Members of the Autistic’n’Awesome group, learn presentation skills and take part in offering these workshops in schools, colleges and with families and carers.